Prayer Requests

  • Can you praay for me to haave tiimes to spend with jesus and pray about good opportunities for me to help others and to share the gospel and pray about these things for me pray I can deal with things in my life and for all my familiy to be healthy and for us to all have a excellent relationship with jesus
    Pray about my friends and I going on a camping trip

    Pray about a seperate camping trip with the church that a trip would be possible for everyone

    Pray about my friends and familiy and I going on a road trip and us being able to help people that we come accross on that trip.

    Pray for the towns of nederland and denver and boulder and rollinsville and Jamestown and for the cities of las angeles and woodland park abd Colorado springs and Tacoma Washington and for ft collins and loveland and Greeley Colorado
    Pray for all of georgia and Arizona and texas and nebraska and Oklahoma and california and new Mexico and nevada and kansas and Missouri and Utah and whyoming and Oregon and Washington
    Pray for a two friends of mine and for my friend Jesse s x girlfriend because they got in a fight
  • Please pray that God would help me with anxiety and depression and give me peace. Pray that God would work things out for me especially for this next week. Finally pray God would help me overcome sickness.
  • Please pray that God would heal me of depression and anxiety in my mind. Pray that God would give me peace so I can sleep and strength to work hard each and every day. Finally pray that God would heal my body and keep me from sin.
  • Dealing with different health issues and depression. Please pray that God would heal me and strengthen me in Him. Also pray that God would remove my anxieties and teach me to more completely trust in Him.
  • Please pray for John and Patricia's salvation. John is in anguish, paranoid, not sleeping without heavy meds, has raw chapped hands from sanitized everything, and has another week off and one vacation week left (has gone through 8-weeks of his vacation time) all due to having fear about Covid-19. He is seeing a therapist and needs to be referred to a psychiatrist so he can be granted stress leave. His other option is the take early retirement, but he doesn't want to do that. Bottom line is that things are going to stay the same (fear controlling his life) until John surrenders to the Lord and asks for His help. Patricia is trying to help but she also has her own stress and does not know the Lord either so they are in a hopeless cycle until they invite Jesus into their hearts to rescue them.
  • I have an unspoken prayer request that I’ve written out on a sheet of paper. It is something I can’t share with people. It is essentially a single question, a very deep serious question that I need the answer to. The answer to this question will deeply affect my life. Please pray that the Lord will powerfully and clearly answer this question, and resolve any confusion I have about it. Pray that it will be clear the Lord Jesus Christ is answering it, and not some other source. Thank you for your prayers.
  • please pray for my friend Johnny, please pray that God gives him the strength he needs in this urgent matter to remove himself from a detrimental relationship, so healing can begin, In Jesus' name.
  • Praay for me and for thorton Colorado an praay for my cousins familiy
    Praay for gaabe wiith guidance in his opportunities and praay for me for guidance as to getting intoo the bible and to knoow what opportunities to taake
    Praay for our government for wisdoom on opening thing s up an praay for theem to opeen up the chuurches in our country because there are persons who feeel the chuurches are essential
    Pray for me and for guidance and that the lord would help me to delight in him and also i have had the interest in helping others in disaster relief and sharing the gospel also so pray for me to to be able to do some good both here jn colorado and anywhere the lord wants me to go because i am interested in helping out , pray for my friends dorington andd josh that they would forgive me and pray for josue and sharon and megan to forgive me and pray for them even though they are my friends pray they would have a desire to spend time with me and for them to love me and to have a desire for deeper friendship with me and that the lord would reveal that my intentions for them are good and pray for a guy named pastor tim for his guidance and pray for my family and pray for a girl named Miriam and pray for the half way house in Longmont and pray for chris who is dealing with court charges from what I heard, and pray for Bob's whole family and his brothers family member who has been siick with lukeemia but i think one of them passed away who had lukemia but pray that any of them that need healing because i don't know if any of them hafe lukemia or not, but also pray for destiny's whole family because I heard her dad was siick with canceer and for troy who recently had a heart attack,pray for Jesse and his relationship with the lord and for my relationship to the lord and for his relationship with a girl that is a friend, and pray for Joe and his dad who has alllziemers dizease and pray for another group of missionaries from Ireland and pray they can get there Visa or whatever they need to to minister in Ireland and pray for all the calvary chapel churches pray for Ireland and Saudi Arabia and Russia and pray for Israel and for Jordan and pray for Peru and pray for Mexico and for any lesbian or gay or transgendered people in the world and pray for all the people in any jails and prisons in the world, and for any kids in the world and for any homeless people in the world and for the company of Amazon and that they change the responses of Alexa to tell the truth about jesus and Christian topics and pray for any cults and any satanic groups and hate groups and for the ACLU and for any and pray for our godly leaders in our government an pray for Guatemala Honduras, Panama and Australia and New Zealand and for our country and India and Syria and north and South Korea and for lebanon and China and jordan and Egypt Sudan and Haiti and for Afghanistan and Pakistan and and all the former Soviet union, mexico and france and canada and el Salvador and venuezuela and pray the people have food and protection in Venezuela and for Jamaica and Cuba and Canada and Dominican republic and Puerto Rico and Costa Rica and Bolivia and Peru, and for the immigrant crisis and for any natural disaster areas in the us and for thialand and yemen and Australia and Iran and greece and Israel and Gaza and Palestine and Jordan and Italy and Turkey and Burma and India and Sri Lanka and pray for the govt not to take away the 2nd amendment and other constitutional rights and pray for my brother to learn to love christ and to love people of other races and pray for a couple that i heard about about but I don't know their names, pray for me for me to do well at having a nice relationship with lord here in town and also if I go out of town and if I go to blackhawk or central city or if I go to a bar in Erie or if I go to any bars or night clubs becuase I like to share about the lorrd so thankyou!

    And pray for all the people on the world
  • please pray for the healing of the relationship between my wife and daughter
  • God is good, all the time! I humbly pray and ask that our Lord, God, will hear and answer our prayers which I confess is a precious gift, honor, and privilege that has been so graciously bestowed upon us through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua) through the tearing of the temple veil (Jesus is our king and priest). Because this gift was granted to us through the bloodshed, death, and resurrection of Christ; I choose to humbly come before the mighty throne of the Father (Abba) who sits on the throne in heaven. I pray and lift-up these many petitions in His only begotten son's name, Jesus (Yeshua) that they may be heard and considered (may His will be done). I pray and ask for protection, guidance (wisdom and discernment) healing, understanding, and financial provisions (blessing) through this difficult time for all that are in such need. I humbly request and petition the Father for these things so that we (the true believing church) might be blessed with the ability to continue to go about the Fathers business. That we would continue to tirelessly work as His hands and feet to bring the only message of hope (in Christ alone) to the unsaved world. I pray that the lukewarm church would wake up and see the signs of the times and return to their first love. I pray that they would repent, humble thy selves, believe, follow, and obey the word of God as He desires and has called us to (Jesus lived the perfect sinless life for our example). I pray that the churches desire continues to be, that they boldly and lovingly share with the world the truth about our savior and His amazing grace. This truth is derived from the bibles gospel message; that through the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, the spotless Lamb of the Passover, the Jewish Messiah (Yeshua Hamashiach) that anyone can be saved (born again) thus defeating the curse of death. I pray that the unmatched story of Jesus (who is both God and man) is expressly shared everywhere in the world explaining how Christ’s unending perfect love provided the only way for real forgiveness, reconciliation to God, and eternal life in heaven. I pray that people comprehend, accept, and receive that this extraordinary gift (Jesus, his death, and resurrection) came at a great price. He did this because of His great love for us. He did this so that anyone willing to hear, receive, believe, (have faith) will have eternal life. I pray that people are willing to count the cost and give up their own will (dying to self) allowing Christ to replace it for the real-life in Him by faithfully living (or at least attempting to live for Him to the best of our ability) in Christs perfect will and plan for us. I pray that people humble their hearts to understand that Jesus paid the ultimate price for us with His blood and life so that He could be our Lord to guide us on the narrow path to life. I pray for everyone that makes this life-changing decision that they will understand that when they embrace who Jesus really is and what He has actually and literally done, they will be absolutely forgiven, healed, and restored regardless of their sins. (please note, this does not mean that there will not be any consequences for the lives we lived before we got saved, known as reaping and sowing, that is up to the Lord). I pray that people will begin repenting (confessing), receiving, and having faith in Jesus and purposely (deliberately/willfully/gladly) turning away from their sinful ways (sinful lifestyles) which is the only way for any of us (individual, church, nation, world) to have remission (forgiveness) of sins and to be fully reconciled (full removal of sin) to the father (God) forever in eternity. I pray that the world would see (comprehend/understand) that we all are required to humble ourselves, repent, confess, and stop living deceitful, self-centered, sinful lifestyles if we want God to hear and answer our prayers (we are all sinners saved by Grace). I pray that people receive Jesus not because it is free and easy (It was not free or easy for your savior) but because we realize and mentally grasp the seriousness that we are hopeless (desperately wicked in our hearts/sinful) without Him, and that He loves us (even while we were still sinners) and has done everything for us (creating us and dying on our behalf for what we deserved). I pray that everyone is able to discern the truth that what Jesus has done for us is not about a get out of jail free golden ticket to heaven, not by any means. This is about Jesus coming to set us free from sin and the horrible bondage of sin that we in our flesh are forever cursed to endure. We are completely incapable of setting ourselves free from sin but even worse we are unable to pay the price of such sin which was committed against a perfect and Holy God. That is what Jesus has done for us. We are to “live” a life free from sin (when we do sin as believers, quickly repent, do not wait that the sin may take root in your heart and turn back to the Lord, He is faithful to forgive and restore) because Jesus has come to set us free that we may live life abundantly in Him. The enemy comes to rob, kill, and destroy but you have the victory over that enemy if you have Christ as your savor and you believe and follow Him and His ways. It is for this reason I pray that the church will stand for their savior at all cost and that unbelievers will see, desire, and embrace this one and only savior called Christ Jesus. Also, we must be willing to forgive those that have sinned against us and have thus asked us for forgiveness, just as Jesus has done for us when we ask for forgiveness. I pray that the church understands that reconciliation only comes when repentance and forgiveness are completed in tandem and that this is required before we go before the Lord in prayer. I pray we all practice true humility, repentance, and forgiveness before we approach God in prayer (with patient expectation). This must be done before we start petitioning/praying to Him. If we truly want God to respond to our prayers and remove or protect us from His judgments, we must remember that God has already instilled into the truth (laws) of life that we would in fact suffer the consequences caused by our own foolish decisions and behavior (reaping and sowing); which we have earned because of our sinful, disobedient behavior, willful disregard for God, because we pervert His word for our own gain, and because we have changed/altered our savior Jesus Christ by not believing in Him in all of His true forms (as both God and man), denying His purpose, and accomplishments. I urgently pray that the Lord would teach and reveal to us all of His pillars of truth (the full council of Gods word) that we may have His true knowledge, understanding, and purpose for our lives and for this world. I also pray that the Lord would reveal all deception coming from the church, governments, and any other life-impacting establishments that are integrated into our world (banks, schools, businesses, entertainment) that we may turn away from and pray for these fallen establishments. I pray to the God of “Truth” that He would reveal to us His divine truth thus giving us His understanding and wisdom so to expose the lies and deception of the ever-present enemy of the church as well as to this world. I pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to us, be a lamp unto our feet, line the narrow path with the angels that we may not fall left or right, that He would make our feet sturdy, steadfast, and strong. I pray and ask that the Lord would fill us with the Holy Spirit, place the Holy Spirit upon us, and send the Holy Spirit before us to guide us in everything we do and everything God calls us to do during this short-lived opportunity, known as life, that He has so graciously provided us. Pursue not the treasures of this dying world that will pass and be lost forever in a day of fire, instead, invest all that you do and all that you have in heavenly things for the Kingdoms sake (for the glory of God) that you might have and enjoy any God given rewards for eternity. I pray and ask that the Lord will give us a heavy and abundant dose of His love, mercy, grace, pity, and compassion. I pray that the Lord will place a hedge of protection around us everywhere we go and I humbly ask that He place His healing hand upon our lives that if it be His will that we would be restored and healed mentally, physically, and spiritually. I pray and thank the Lord with everlasting praise and rejoicing for His great wisdom, trustworthiness, unchanging truth, sovereignty, righteousness and holiness; for all that He is, all that He has, and all that He continues to do for us. I pray that we (all Christians) are found to be worthy in the sight of the Lord because we are actively doing with a glad heart the many works that the Lord has called us to do when Jesus returns. I pray that the Lord, God, will help us with all these requests and petitions that I have humbly requested and placed before Him, at the feet of our mighty God who sits on His throne in heaven with all power and authority. I pray for these many blessings because I know that none of us are capable on our own of accomplishing such things based on our own wisdom, power, or might. I pray these things because I know that without His mighty blood, the truth of His word, the power of the Holy Spirit, and gracious God answered prayer that gives us undeserved blessings, we would all fail to make it. I pray that the Lord is forever glorified especially during this time. I pray that all truly committed and seeking believers (the church) (including myself) would desire in our hearts to put a smile on Gods face (pleasing the Lord, obedience) by trusting Him (growing in our faith) one day at a time as we strive to serve our families, communities, churches, and country to the best of our ability during these difficult times. Lord, give us endurance, joy, peace, and true Godly love to boldly and confidently reach out and help others in need. Help us; Lord help us, as your servants to do your will, to put you first, not ourselves, to love you and serve you for your glory, not our own, and to continue the works for the kingdom to come. May the Lord’s will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus (Yeshua's) name for Jesus's glory......Amen!

    If you agree with this prayer, please say amen and pass it on to other believers that they may do the same. I hope that this prayer petition represents the heart and desire of the church. I pray it goes loudly and boldly before the Lord for the sake of everyone. He is our only hope, peace, joy, and safety. I pray during this time that many come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are close to the end and we need to get going. Harvest is plenty but the workers are very, very few. In what condition will God find you when He comes at that unknown hour?
    Thanks, and may God be with you!
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